Просмотр полной версии : Помогите найти

01.05.2008, 11:56
Очень важно для отца найти e-mail обсерватории Серро-Калан в Чили на горе Робле (Cerro Calan el Roble). Помогите найти, пожалуйста.

01.05.2008, 16:25
На Звездочете есть пользователь Garmisch , он работает в Чили на обсерватории . Напишите ему , думаю он Вам поможет ...

05.05.2008, 07:16
Cerro El Roble -32.9753 -71.0153 2185.0 Status: Reserved Valparaíso, ChileThis document is not available electronically via this database.For copies of Journal Articles, please contact the Publisher or your local public or university library and refer to the information in the Resource Relation field.For copies of other documents, please see the Availability, Publisher, Research Organization, Resource Relation and/or Author (affiliation information) fields and/or Document Availability. Title Cerro El Roble sample of faint ultraviolet excess objects in the South Galactic PoleCreator/Author Campusano, L.E. ; Torres, C. Publication Date 1983 Sep 01OSTI Identifier OSTI ID: 5890223Other Number(s) CODEN: ANJOAResource Type Journal ArticleResource Relation Astron. J. ; Vol/Issue: 88:9Research Org Observatorio Astronomico Cerro Calan, Departamento de Astronomia, Universidad de Chile, Casilla 36-D, Santiago, ChileSubject 640103 -- Astrophysics & Cosmology-- Quasi-Stellar, Radio, & X-Ray Sources-- (-1987); ;QUASARS-- IMAGES;QUASARS-- PHOTOMETRY;QUASARS-- SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION;QUASARS-- SPECTROSCOPY; PHOTOGRAPHY;ULTRAVIOLET RADIATIONRelated Subject COSMIC RADIO SOURCES;DISTRIBUTION;ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION;RADIATIONSDescription/Abstract As a first step towards the formation of a QSO sample in the South Galaptic Pole (SGP), a 44-deg/sup 2/ area centered at R.A.^= 00/sup h/53/sup m/ (1950) Decl.^= -28/sup 0/ 03` has been searched for relative ultraviolet excess objects (UVXs) in five partially overlapping fields of the 70/100-cm Maksutov telescope using an unmodified Zeiss Blink comparator.^A total of 373 objects was found which yielded a surface density of 8.6 UVX/deg/sup 2/ with B< or approx.^=20 mag.^The search was found to be extremely incomplete at B>19 mag, while the completeness for B< or approx.^=19 was estimated to be approximately 30% in nonoverlapping regions and 50% in overlapping regions.^Only the central overlapping region was used for the comparison of the surface densities of different UVX samples.^The surface density in this region is 7.2 UVX/deg/sup 2/ at Bapprox.19 mag and approximately a factor of 2 larger than the one found by Savage and Bolton (1979) in two 25-deg/sup 2/ fields near the SGP.^In addition, our surface density value is a factor of 3/2 larger than the density found by Braccesi, Formiggini, and Gandolfi (1970) near the North Galactic Pole.^With respect to the behavior of the cumulative number of our UVX (N(< expected the with coincide approximately to found was evaluation spectroscopic preliminary in encountered stars of fraction density.^The surface 5 1 about is which mag, Bapprox.19 at 2 sup deg QSO 0.8 amounts area 44-deg our QSOs density known presently result, this telescope.^With 2.5-m Campanas Las on collected data from sample UVX identified preliminarily been have new (1981).^Twenty-seven Usher and al.^(1970), et Braccesi (1962), Luyten Haro samples corresponding those agreement reasonable it magnitude, blue function a as>Country of Publication United StatesLanguage EnglishFormat Pages: 1304-1322System Entry Date 2001 May 13

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Campusano, L.E. ; Torres, C. В гугле есть авторские страницы и homtpage этих авторов из обсерватории. Связаться проще через них. Статус Reserved, если не ошибаюсь, вроде означает отсутствие прямой сетевой связи. У некоторых Closed/